Rode Oortjes Meter

from Jo Caimo

Highly essential communication tool for spaces with complicated social order. Like an opening of an exhibition or a party. It gives the amount of excitement through the change of color. The scale goes from blue (low excitement) to red (high excitement).

For the use of the Rode Oortjes Meter or SEBCTool(Social Excitement Behavior Communication Tool):

Hang the device with battery and button on your neck.
And attach the clip to your ear.
Just behave normal, act like you always react.
Do not perform or be more excited than you are in normal live.

As a visitor you can wear a Rode Oortjes Meter. An ear-clip on the ear and a little box hanging on your neck. You are wearing something that gives more information then you are aware of. You don't see the light changing, but the spectator/ researcher can. They can interpret the colour-change of the Rode Oortjes Meter, a change in excitement of this person, the (unconscious) thoughts of that person and all the other variables in the environment.

Black 3D-printed box(45x30x25(mm)) + Red Plexiglas cap done by laser + 4 thin braided electrical wires + Black earpiece consisting of two glued together 3d printed shapes with RGB-led and (orange) thermistor.

The device is rechargeable with the supplied power converter.

Manual in EN, NL, DE, ES, JP:

  €1,000 EUR or more 



Jo Caimo Antwerpen, Belgium

Entrepreneur van commercieel onbeduidend doch hyper-mediatieve producten.

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